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Office Location: 5901 NW 183rd street, Suite 102, Miami Fl 33015

Driving Exams for FL Driver License. Examen Licencia de Conducir: Teorico y Practico para Licencia de Florida US.

Come to:

5901 NW 183rd st Suite 102 Miami Fl 33015

Register and take the Driver License Exams Teorico y Practico,

Authorized by the State of Florida to obtain your full Driver License. 

Best Service is here(check our 400+ Google Reviews)

You can take the Driver License Exams in no time, no hassel, stress-free. Register to take the tests.

Info on Online and In-Person Course Requirement here/aqui:

All minors (under 18 y/o) take the online knowledge test:

Computer-based-Knowledge exam here

All Minors and First time Drivers take online the:

Drug & Alcohol course here

All persons can take a :Preparation/practice for the Knowledge Exam here

All other Traffic School courses can be found at

Requisito Curso de Droga y alcohol ONLINE en espanol aqui

Come to: 5901 NW 183rd st Ste 102 Miami Fl 33015 to take the Tests. Venga a nuestra oficina para tomar los Test de manejo Teorico y Practico

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Info on License Traffic & Certified Driving School

As a Traffic School, we offer 4 hours BDI course, 8 and 12 hours courses of Traffic School, for tickets, to take off the points of your License. Court ordered or Voluntary.

As a Driving School we offer all preparation for first-time-drivers and immigrants to take the driving test and behind de wheel test (Road Test). Tambien hablamos espanol.

Behind the Wheel classes/packages you will learn safely with any of our equipped cars. Our trainned and certified Instructors are great, very patient and proffesional. The Program we use is the best for first time drivers. Packages of 4hours, 6hours, 8hours or 10hours behind the wheel, to learn to drive safely on the Road and to get prepared for your Road Test. Check our Google reviews.

Come to the office at: 5901 NW 183rd street, suite 102 Hialeah Miami, FL (across from Red Road NW 57th Ave) to register for classes or take the driving tests.

Visit to take the ONLINE Courses.

Call us at 954 624 2872 or visit us at 5901 NW 183rd street suite 102 Miami Fl 33015

Visit us at 5901 NW 183rd street suite 102 Miami Fl 33015 No appointment necessary

Continental Traffic & Driving School

Emotions at passing the Driver License Test at Continental Driving School

Come visit: 5901 NW 183rd st, Suite 102, Miami Fl 33015
Monday through Friday or call/text 954 624 2872 for an appointment. We have added more services to our community.

Come visit: 5901 NW 183rd st, Suite 102, Miami Fl 33015
Monday through Saturdays.

Here some clients who took/passed the driving tests and are having their Full Driver License now.

Come, you can also obtain your Full Driver License here with us.